GiroZ The Ultimate Lap Counter

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GiroZ The Ultimate Lap Counter

New Software version of Zround V.1.10

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Here we go again with a new Zround Suit Update. I have attended some feature requests and improved the performance and user experience ...

GiroZ driver compatible with win7x64 is included, new Reflex Racing Club Series championship format, different points systems can be defined to use in championships, racers can have several transponders assigned, etc 

Reember that a all version of software are available in download section of 

New features
  • GiroZ USB driver: Compatible with Win7-64bit
  • ZRound Manager: It can manage different points awarding in championships.
  • ZRound Manager: New Reflex Racing race format supporting the default settings for the Club Series
  • ZRound Manager: New option to clone races into a championship.
  • ZRound Manager: Bug printing main results solved
  • ZRound Manager: Bug opening detailed view of Heats/Round 3 on PN Racing format solved
  • ZRound Manager: HTML championship output main index will be index.html instead of menu.html
  • ZRound Manager: Minor translation mistakes solved
  • ZRound: Manual start of timing on Staggered start for a racer is allowed (throw the context menu)
  • ZRound: Configurable text to speech messages for "Track Open" and "Training duration"
  • ZRound: Minor improvements in application look and feel
  • ZRound: "Finish line pass" reading event can include the racer's position by using the %p parameter
  • Transponder list added to the racer form
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 February 2011 17:42 )

New Zround Version 1.7.5

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ZRound Suite 1.7.5 is available with these new features

  • PlayRace® technology included in ZRound makes possible to replay races on any track designed with ZRound Track Designer
  • Monitor options are moved to a new configuration page
  • WebLive configuration allows to setup a destination file and refresh time (in seconds)
  • ZViewer includes a new Monitor page
  • ZViewer add GAP and lap estimation info
  • Classification reading during the race can be configured in three ways: position (laps), interval (distance to the next), gap (distance to the first)
  • GiroZ USB lab test tool published
  • Lap time is shown in green for personal lap time record
  • Preview panel included into the designer open file dialog
  • You can "reopen" closed races from ZRound Manager
  • Column data can be configured to be shown from the context menu "Info" in the Monitor context menu
  • Logo image is shown into the monitor options configuration page
  • Monitor can be configured to be shown in full screen mode on secondary display (when available)
  • New configuration parameter controls counter must be started at last or first detection for min. lap time test
  • ZRound Track Designer is joined to ZRound Suite
  • New buttons for top 3 qualify reading, classification reading and time remaining reading
  • Serie 3 title in PN Racing format results is fixed. The qualify for mains is included in the html race results tree output.
  • End of race alarm is fired each minute. It is fired by seconds on the last minute based on the reading options configuration
  • WARNING: The End race alarm setting in the events configuration page must be changed from “seconds to go” to “to go”. If you do not do this you will hear the word “seconds” without sense.
  • Application buttons icons are redesigned
  • To download the last version


    Race Play Zround

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    RacePlay® has born, this mean the full ZRound Track Designer integration into the suite. Track designs will be used in ZRound in order to follow the race progress on the track. Also, you will be able to replay any saved race.

    ZViewer will include this technology also and it will allow people to "view" races from remote sites online.

    Here you have a screenshot about the new ZRound look.


    Software Update Zround

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    Zround has launch a new verisión of his software to manage giro-z lap counter.

    2009/02/13  -  Versión 1.7 Build 2

    New features

    • HTML output for Mains and Heats Sort
    • New integrated html championship output with menu and detail view
    • Championship Classification table can show/hide the position of racers on each event
    • ZRound Manager sums all series laps and times from Heats and Mains in order to sort results when "Slot" mode is on. Moreover, all mains will qualify
    • First detection starts lap counter to 1 in "Slot" mode

    2009/01/03  -  Versión 1.7 Build 1

    New features
    • ZRound Manager gives you a new option (Enable scoring by groups) to allow define groups into the championship configuration. The championship scoring can be computed based on the general position after each race or the relative position with other drivers in the same group
    • Monitor display redesigned. Text size automatic mode improved and new context menu added at the bottom side
    • New voice message allows to read the racer name on detection
    • Cascade style sheet "zround.css" used for html output

    Download the new zround software version.

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